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Bill Lenherr

President & CEO

Bill is at his best when he's fixing complex problems or designing magnificent solutions. That is what he founded Greenbrier Technologies to do: fix and design stuff. Technological stuff, to be exact. When he's not doing that, he's working under the hood of his '67 Camaro. 

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Matt Wykle


Matt joined forces with Bill in 2001, and later became a member of the ownership team. His creative approach to solving IT problems in high-stress environments is unmatched. He laughs, "I just Google better than most." 

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Allen Carson


If we're honest, Allen is the mastermind behind all of this. He's the one who met Bill Lenherr and twisted his arm - yeah, there was arm twisting - to get him to take the leap and incorporate Greenbrier Technologies. He saw the talent, and now here we are. A staff of twenty-two pretty cool people and growing. 

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Tom Campbell


Tom is best known as a 16-year veteran of the West Virginia Legislature where he served as a delegate. He's also been Allen's financial guy for over 25 years. If you can't find him in QuickBooks he's probably at his condo in Wintergreen. 

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Bill Bryan

Director of Operations

Bill is the new guy, but we like him. He's an engineer with an MBA and 21 years in the ministry. Yeah, we didn't know such a creature existed in nature either, but we're glad to have him. He keeps the machine on the tracks and moving in the right direction...with pastoral sensitivity.